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Sale Manager Producer Edition 
Sale Manager Producer Edition

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Sale Manager™ Producer Edition

Sale Manager lets you manage customers and cattle sales. Instantly up-to-date customer records and buying history, sale analysis, and catalog preparation are just a few of the features of this revolutionary program.

Like Cow Sense, Sale Manager’s user-friendly design combines with its powerful reporting and flexibility make it a favorite among progressive seedstock producers everywhere. Not only is Sale Manager a useful customer and sale management software, it is a must-have tool in the very competitive seedstock marketing arena. Sale Manager is like having a team of marketing professionals on staff 24 hours a day!

Use Sale Manager to:

  • Improve your customer relations and foster customer loyalty!
  • Enhance your private treaty and production sales!
  • Evaluate your cattle where it counts -- in the marketplace!
  • Ease the chore of assembling catalog and historical customer data!
  • Take advantage of these Sale Manager benefits in your operation:

  • Sell more cattle in less time
  • Have buyer recognition during a sale, while using the efficient buyer number system
  • Add that professional touch to marketing your seedstock
  • Increase your private treaty marketing power
  • Organize mailing lists to effectively increase customer communications
  • Utilize year round customer and sale analysis to aid in your marketing plan
  • Know more about your customers than ever before
  • Sale Manager may be used alone by importing or hand entering data from any breed program. Sale Manager is more powerful and more convenient when used with Cow Sense.

    Purchase Sale Manager with Cow Sense Purebred and save $100!

    Are you looking for a powerful, sale day clerking solution? Sale Manager Multi-User is the answer!