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Cow Sense NxGen EZ 
Cow Sense NxGen EZ

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Cow Sense EZ

EZ provides tools for operations with basic record keeping needs. Pick and choose from the fields provided to record and report on: inventory; breeding; calving; weaning; herd health and treatments; measures of reproductive performance; sale records and more. If you and are looking basic record keeping and simple inventory management, then EZ is your program!

Stocker Operations will also find Cow Sense EZ a great fit for their operation’s needs. There are only 2 required fields Type (animal class) and Status (Active, Disposed, or Reference only). The Location Wizard provides an excellent tool to track cattle movements, inventory and utilization by location.

If later your operation’s needs change, you can easily upgrade to PRO for just the difference in price. Upgrading is easy, and all your data transfers automatically.


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