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Information management and analysis are fundamental to the decisions we make, or fail to make, within our cattle operations! Raw data can easily become overwhelming and traditional analysis too time consuming. This is the foundation upon which Cow Sense® was built.

While Cow Sense is our flagship, we have created companion products to assist you in managing other aspects of your operation. Companion products are each dedicated to special purposes like working on the go with a rugged handheld computer, processing cattle chute-side with interfaces to EID readers or other electronic equipment, as well as marketing your seedstock production. Browse the listing below for items of interest to you, then use GO to see product details. We try to be informative so you can build the package that fits your needs!

Cow Sense Cow Sense  

Core Products

The Cow Sense core products are scaled in their functionality to fit specific types of beef operations or management requirements.  . Having launched the very first Microsoft Windows compatible cow herd management product on the market over 20 years ago, we continue that pioneering leadership today! With this next generation of Cow Sense or NxGen, we bring you new revolutionary capabilities to use the templates provided so you can design the herd management tools to fit your operation’s needs.  Unequalled flexibility allows you to customize the program to your operation! 

With Cow Sense NxGen we have simplified the product offering from previous versions yet expanded the capability and flexibility. The NxGen offering consists of just two core product designs with EZ and PRO templates. Each template offers features from which you can pick and choose based upon the level of detail you want your herd records to provide. In addition, your herd size and the number of herds you wish to maintain will be a consideration. EZ-100 and PRO-100 are designed for operations that have 100 head or less of active breeding cows in the herd. There is no limit to herd size or number of herd files with either the EZ or PRO packages.

Choose one of the four core products EZ, PRO, EZ-100 or PRO-100, that best fits your operation today. Easily upgrade later if your record keeping needs change for just the difference in price! Whether your record keeping needs are low-tech or high tech, your operation is large or small NxGen is your solution to easy, accurate record keeping that is customizable to your operation and management! Also choose from options available from the Cow Sense companion products for working with EID, mobile devices, and more! Choose Sale Manager for customer management and marketing tools.


Cow Sense Options Cow Sense Options  

Added value is the best way to explain the additional product line that we offer to provide even more functionality for certain Cow Sense applications. The Cow Sense core products are extremely flexible and customizable, and these additional products add to the capabilities your return on investment! Click on the icon to the left to pick and choose from these products.

Sale Manager Sale Manager  

Sale and Customer Management

From buyer registration to final settlement, catalog preparation to customer relations, Sale Manager is like having a team of marketing professionals on staff 24 hours a day.  The most powerful sale management and customer database software on the market, Sale Manager is user friendly and fast as a complete sale clerking solution.  Instantly up-to-date customer records and buying history, sale analysis, and catalog preparation are just a few of the features of this revolutionary program.  Sale Manager is designed with the working rancher in mind.

"If you are in the purebred business and are having a production sale, you NEED Cow Sense Sale Manager."

Garth Gardiner
Gardiner Angus Ranch, Inc.
Ashland, Kansas


Pasture Sense Pasture Sense  

Range Management Software

Insert your own map graphic in Pastue Sense and draw your pastures. Pasture Sense enables you to then use the image to record cattle movements, observations like weather and pasture condition, assets, and asset management. Pasture Sense calculates and reports grazing capacity and utilization in acres or hectares.

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