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Cow Sense College - Web Training 
Cow Sense College - Web Training

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Course Title: Web Tools

Cow Sense is a program that evolves as technology grows. The Internet has become a useful tool for communications between customers and businesses. The Web is a fast and effective way to transfer data for it to be analyzed, repaired, or even saved. Below are some of the web tools available to Cow Sense users that provide that extra edge for getting the most out of this data collection and reporting program.

  • Cow Sense Benchmark Wizard
    Cow Sense Benchmark Wizard provides anonymous analysis of your herd performance with all other herds in the online database. Production, reproduction, and carcass quality are available for comparative measurement. This service is offered free of charge but does require initial registration.
       - Subscribing to Benchmark Wizard
       - Uploading your herd data to the Benchmark Wizard database
       - Benchmark Wizard Analysis & Reporting
  • Cow Sense Corral
       - Layout of the Cow Sense Corral
       - Modifying Cow Sense Corral Account
       - Posting & Replying to messages in the Cow Sense Forum
       - Using the Cow Sense Support Knowledge Base Search Tool
  • MicroFTP
       - PIC interface
       - Transferring herd files
       - Offsite backup of herd files
       - Automatic updates for Cow Sense
  • www.cowsense.com
Time: 1 hour
Cost: $75.00
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