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Cow Sense College - Sale Manager 
Cow Sense College - Sale Manager

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Course Title: Sale Manager

Sale Manager is a companion to Cow Sense. It is an independent program that works most effectively with Cow Sense, but is able to work independently. This course focuses on the basic functions of Sale Manager as well as the uses in example settings such as an auction or private treaty sale. Some important features are listed below.

  • Presale Preparations - The Activity Menu
       - Establishing Seller and Ranch Identity
       - Establishing Sales
       - Fetching Cattle for a Sale
       - Establishing and Counting Lots
       - Entering or Editing Data
       - Viewing Reports or Proofs
  • Basic Function and Navigation
       - The Menu Bar
       - Data Entry Window
       - Report Window Tools
  • Sale Day Activities
       - Opening the Sale
       - Individual Sale Data Entry
       - Group Sale Data Entry
       - Registering Buyers
       - Checking Out Buyers
  • Post Sale Activities
       - Reviewing and Printing Sale Reports
       - Reviewing the Invoice List
       - Recapping Invoices
       - Reconciling Accounts
       - Closing a Sale
       - Back Up and Restore
Time: 1 hour
Cost: $75.00
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