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Cow Sense College - Cow COMM 
Cow Sense College - Cow COMM

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Course Title: Cow Comm

Cow Comm works to retrieve data and add it into Cow Sense with ease and efficiency. It is a separate program that has much functionality that is different for almost every customer that uses it. This course provides the flexibility to bring you supplemental instruction tailored to your specific needs concerning Cow Comm. Some of the devices Cow Comm is used with are listed below.

  • Setup Chute Side Devices
  • Possible Chute Side Devices
       - EID readers
       - Electronic Scales
       - Electronic Hip Height readers
       - Sign
  • Work Settings
       Process Calves
      Functions - Tagging, Weighing, Auto Sort, Assign Primary ID
      Settings - Stage, Cohort, Auto Sort Group
      Sort Criteria

       Process Cows or Bulls
      Functions - Tagging, Weighing, Assign Primary ID
  • Working Calves
      Setup Tab - Defaults, Validations
      Input 1 Tab - Tag, EID, Weight, etc.
      Input 2 Tab - Sex, Born As, Pelvis, etc.
  • Working Cows or Bulls
  • Sorting Capabilities
  • Extract data from electronic scale unit
Time: 1 hour
Cost: $75.00
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