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"We service what we sell" is not a cliché at Midwest MicroSystems. It is how we do business every day! As technology leaders in a traditional industry, we work to help our customers adopt and adapt new elements in their businesses so they can remain competitive and successful. We understand that our products are only as good as your ability to use them and to enhance your operation by doing it.

Among our services your will find basic help in using computers and software as well as innovative applications of know-how and technologies to help your business. Always, our service is tailored to your needs, because we know your end of the business!

Please browse this service area and then let us know how we can assist!

Support Support  

Cow Sense Customer Services

At Midwest MicroSystems, Customer Service is our top priority! Each of our customers is an extension of our company and your ability to receive maximum benefit from our products is the true measure of our success. We strive to make the Cow Sense family of products easy to use, yet capable of providing advanced analysis and superior nformation management.

Although technical/product support is a key service component to our customer, our focus is broader. We want to support advanced use and maximize our customers’ satisfaction and benefits. As a result, we have organized our Customer Service Center to provide the optimum benefit to you.


Data Services Data Services  

Data collection, data management, data protection, data analysis. We work in these areas every day, for over a decade and counting. We have designed specific products to help you collect, manage, protect and analyze your data.

Genetic Services & Products Genetic Services & Products  

As cattlemen, we know there is no more powerful technology for making genetic progress in our cow herds, than selecting the best animals in the population and making them parents.

Many operators are able to identify the dam side of the parentage equation. However, identifying sires responsible for progeny in unknown from multi-sire pasture matings is a major challenge. As sire selection can have a tremendous effect on genetic progress, it is critical to be able to identify which sires are meeting production targets, and which ones are not!

Cow Sense now offers the solution -- Cow Sense Genetic Services! Cow Sense was built on the concept of individual animal identification and management. Genetic testing can determine an animal's unique DNA profile, which is key to solving unknown parentage. Through our proprietary software PairMatch™, we can match that calves DNA profile, or fingerprint to the profiles on record of potential parent animals. This parentage result or verification is then returned to you and stored in your Cow Sense herd where you can apply it!


Please see our Cow Sense Genetic Services information sheet.