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As integrators of information systems for the beef industry, we can assist you in slection, purchase and setup of computers as well as software. We are DELL authorized resellers and have available to us the full range of DELL computes and equipment. We show only representative computer selections here, but we will be happy to visit with you about your needs and send you a quote on any specific system!

Just send an email to sales@midwestmicro.com or call 800-584-0040.

Dell Systems Dell Systems  

We offer Dell quality systems with pre-installed Cow Sense products! We will configure your system to order if the featured system does not meet your needs. Please review the offerings in our store, or email your preferred configuration.

Hand Helds Hand Helds  

Go mobile with Cow Sense! Our super-rugged TDS Recon or Nomad will go where you go and give you access to information when you need it in the field.

Accessories Accessories  

Here is a collection of items you will find useful and convenient when you work with computers!