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Animal ID

Electronic identification (EID) adds speed and accuracy to your cattle management systems.  It enables you to view animal records instantly and to add new information easily.  EID is essential in value added production when you want to receive information about your animals from the feedlot or processor, and it enables you to add that information to Cow Sense automatically, reliably, without keying.

EID is also the comon denominator of information management on ranch and data sharing industry wide. 

All our tags come with worksheets for scanless recording or import into Cow Sense.  We call it our "low tech" method!  If you intend to utilize EID in processing cattle , you will however need an EID reader.

Allflex Tags Allflex Tags  

Allflex electronic identification tags featured incorporate "half duplex" technology from Texas Instruments, which provides high performance in cattle identification systems. Allflex tags use an aircoil antenna system encapsulated within a modified Allflex Small Female tag. This durable tag helps the transponder withstand environmental conditions. This application is "passive" and therefore requires no battery, so it will last for the life of the animal.

High Performance Single-Use EID Tag

  • Tamperproof design excellent for Official Registration and Certification Programs that collect animal performance data
  • ISO Compliant
  • Packaged standard with Global Extended Small Male. The EID tag is placed closer to the head of the animal, in a thicker part of the ear. For this reason, a special male tag with an extended shaft is used.
  • Apply with Allflex Universal Total Tagger (Red)

FREE shipping on Allflex items if they total over $1,000!


Destron Tags Destron Tags  

Destron e.TAGs and implants provide reliable read distance and functionality on the farm and in food processing facilities. These ID Devices incorporate a tiny microchip that is encoded with a unique identification number. A radio frequency scanner energizes the dormant chip to transmit the chip identification number to the reader.

The Destron Cattle Electronic Tag can be applied to breeding animals, calves and feedlot cattle. Our electronic tag products utilize the Fearing® Duflex ear tag system with long proven track record in retention and durability. A secondary benefit is the patented Infecta-Guard on each rivet that improves tag retention.

Each e.TAG™ is permanently laser-marked with an entire sequence of numbers on the tag surface that corresponds to the programmed ISO number in the microchip. A 2-D barcode is also included on each e-tag as an identification backup. Proper tag placement in the ear can affect tag retention.

The Combo e.TAG™ incorporates both a visual and electronic tag into one unit. This combination eliminates the need to put in two separate identifying tags in cattle. Retention studies have demonstrated excellent performance. Proper tag placement in the ear and the animal's terrain can affect tag retention.


Y-Tex Tags Y-Tex Tags  

The Y-TEX RFID Systems are multi-component systems that provides permanent identification of individual animals Track Animal History and Performance Easily and Accurately with Y-TEX tags!

Readers Readers  

All of our EID + visual tags come with worksheets for scanless recording or import into Cow Sense.  We call it our "low tech" method! If you intend to integrate EID into your cattle processing, though, you will need an EID reader to scan the tags. Scanning enables you to locate information instantly in Cow Sense. We offer options of price and performance in readers. If you are interested in Bluetooth® wireless solutions, please email or call (800-584-0040).

Applicators Applicators  

Applicators for applying all RFID and panel tags from manufaturers represented can be purchased here! Don't be caught short, always good to have extra tagger pins on hand.